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"MUTATION. It is the key to our evolution. It has enabled us to evolve from a single-celled organism into the most dominant species on the planet. This process is slow, and normally takes thousands of years. But every few hundred millennia, evolution leaps forward."

K-Pop X-Men, a Tumblr directory founded on January 8th of 2012, is heavily influenced by the comic and movie series, X-Men. Join us today as a gifted mutant, form lasting friendships and bitter rivalries. Learn to hone your skills, surpass your foes, and become a first-class mutant.

* Status ! Accepting applications.
Institute Students                - 8
Brotherhood of Mutants      - 8
Humans                               - 2
Undercover                          - 7
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« follow our new institute student, kitsune! »

▶︎Welcome to Rain’s Institute for Gifted Mutants
▶︎All students are expected to excel not only in their academic endeavors, but in all spheres of humanity.
▶︎There are maps available in each of your dorms, and if you have any questions, academic or otherwise, my office is always open.

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▶︎KIM HYUNA or KITSUNE has the power of▶︎FIRE FOX PHYSIOLOGY. she was born in ▶︎EULSA. she currently resides at ▶︎RAIN’S INSTITUTE and can be found in ▶︎ROOM 08.

FULL NAME: Kim Hyuna
ALLIANCE: Pro-Mutant
PERSONALITY: Stubborn, polite, reserved, discreet, protective, energetic, irresponsable, distracts herself pretty easily, loves to eat, stealthy
MUTANT ABILITY: Hyuna has the power of fire fox physiology. She can transform herself into a fox. As fox, Hyuna has greater speed and is capacable of blast fire balls through her mouth and also she’s capable to burn foes by phisical contact.
WEAKNESS: Once Hyuna transforms, she’s very unpredictable since she doesn’t have her power fully controlled yet. Also, once back in her human form, she’s not capable to transform again for a while (1 to 2 days depending the time she kept as fox form) and last, her energy is almost fully drained, making her “useless” in combat and aflictive situations after transforming.
ORIGINS: Born in Eulsa, Hyuna lost her parents when she was 6 years old. Staying with her aunt, Hyuna never had the love and care that a child deserves. So she spent her youth wandering around the fields and ruins of Eulsa, discovering her power by the day. At the age of 19, while walking on her fox form, Hyuna hears a group of strangers to the land speaking about a school somewhere close to Son city that contains people with special powers. Tired of knowing nothing the life in Eulsa, Hyuna departs to Son, getting then to the Institute.

▶︎KIM HYUNA or KITSUNE has the power of
▶︎FIRE FOX PHYSIOLOGY. she was born in 
▶︎EULSA. she currently resides at 
▶︎RAIN’S INSTITUTE and can be found in 
▶︎ROOM 08.

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« follow our new institute student, minhyuk »

▶︎Welcome to Rain’s Institute for Gifted Mutants
▶︎All students are expected to excel not only in their academic endeavors, but in all spheres of humanity.
▶︎There are maps available in each of your dorms, and if you have any questions, academic or otherwise, my office is always open.

« follow our new institute student, heike »

▶︎Welcome to Rain’s Institute for Gifted Mutants
▶︎All students are expected to excel not only in their academic endeavors, but in all spheres of humanity.
▶︎There are maps available in each of your dorms, and if you have any questions, academic or otherwise, my office is always open.


▶︎IM JAEBUM or HEIKE has the power of▶︎LIGHT MANIPULATION. he was born in ▶︎INJU. he currently resides at ▶︎RAIN’S INSTITUTE and can be found in ▶︎ROOM 14.

FULL NAME: Im Jaebum
ALLIANCE: Neutral 
His cautiousness is how he has managed to keep his secrets for so long
A pleasant by-product of his intelligent. He thinks before acting.
Surprisingly an extremely loyal person to whomever he deems worthy. He places loyalty on such a high pedestal that he’s all the more merciless and vicious when it comes to those who’ve betrayed him.
Everyone has secrets, he just happens to have more because he’s so good as keeping them.
Had odd interests. He doesn’t like “going with the flow”.
He follows his own beliefs and his own peculiar logic, often coming off as dismissive towards what’s considered the “norm”.
He take a liking to playing around with people’s feelings despite knowing how mean-spirited it is of him.
When he snaps, his simmering wrath explodes into an uncontrollable hell fire. It could almost be considered psychopathic. 
"hell hath no fury like a Jaebum scorned"
When Jaebum is out to get someone, he’s out to get them. And he will crush them with all he has.
Light Manipulation — Jaebum has the ability to generate and manipulate light (photons). As such, he can cast visual illusions, turn invincible (by manipulating the light surrounding him) and shape/condense light particles in to a solid, physical form. He can wield the light objects he creates as weapons and through manipulating the light particles, he’s able to deal out huge amounts of force through these weapons. He can also become “one” with light, his light form, and is thus able to in a sense teleport from one place to another via photon particles. 
Photokinetic Regeneration 
Since Jaebum can merge into light, when in his light form, he can use photon particles to “heal” and regenerate his body. The stronger the light source, the faster the speed of regeneration.
Technological Manipulation (Limited)
With technology’s extensive usage of optoelectronics (think fibre optics), Jaebum can to a certain extent, manipulate technology and can relay and “download” information by manipulating the light transmitting the electronic signals. 
Reflective surfaces are a challenge for Jaebum. If he isn’t careful, any attack he deals out with his ability could potentially backfire and hurt him instead. 
His ability to teleport via light is limited and difficult to control due to light beams naturally travelling in a straight line. Reflective surfaces also distrupt transportation. All in all, it a niffy and inconvenient. 
Light also travels through transparent objects like glass and his ability won’t be able to affect them. 
Light and dark are polar opposites. He can be overwhelmed by darkness manipulation.
Regeneration takes up energy. While it heals and repairs his body, it saps his energy and strength and by the time he has regenerated, he’d be weakened. Depending on his injuries, he might even be incapacitated. Not a very helpful ability in the middle of combat. While he may survive, he probably won’t emerge the victor.
Since he can only control technology due to light particles being incorporated with devices, he cannot control devices that do not utilise optoelectronics. 
He must also be in direct contact with the device he intends to control since he has to manipulate the light within the complex light pathway network in the device.
Light is a constant. So Jaebum is power is always turned on. While he has gotten adept at controlling it and maintaining it at low levels so he doesn’t overextert himself, this factor makes it all the more easier for Jaebum to burn himself out when his control slips even the slightest. Particularly when he’s emotionally vulnerable.
When he burns himself out, Jaebum’s ability is uncontrollable (thought not harmful to others, just his own body) and he enters what he has come to refer to as his “lost” form. In this form, his is unable to utilise his abilities for the “lost” period (usually 24 hours, variable) and he experiences fatigue and symptoms similar to a fever. The severity of his fever like symptoms vary depending on numerous factors ranging from his physical to emotional to mental state. His appearance is also unpredictable in his “lost” form with his uncontrollable powers altering his appearance is various, random ways, making his mutation obvious. In his “lost” state, Jaebum is most vunerable and could be considered even weaker than an average human.
Jaebum could be considered an orphan, having grown up in an orphanage and all, but his is an unsual case. He wasn’t abandoned because of his mutation — which hadn’t manifested then, nor had he been left behind due to his parents passing. Rather, his teenage mother, unable to rear him herself, was forced to “abandon” him as a newborn. Despite that, she visited often and made her presence known in his life though she never addressed the matter directly and established herself as a “noona” rather than a mother, and Jaebum let it slide.
Growing up in a mutant hating environment, Jaebum was smart enough to keep his mutation to himself when it manifested at the tender age of 9. Even at that young age, he knew what dire consequences he would face should it ever be discovered that he was a mutant. He knew he needed to get his mutation bucked under and tightly leashed before any unfortunate loss of control led to his accidental discovery. He learnt that much form a fellow “closeted” schoolmate who lost control of their pyrokinasis during a school-yard fight. The poor boy was hauled away by the military under the pretence of being a threat to the public. Till now, he still doesn’t know what happened to that boy. 
And so he honed his control over his abilities in secret, practising almost excessive cautious while doing so. By the time he graduated middle school, he had an tight rein over his abilities and knew as much as one could know of his mutation through careful experimentation. 
He later joined the military as a youth solider at the tender age of 16, not uncommon due to his city’s militaristic nature. But it wasn’t long before he upped an left after an disturbing incident occurred. A purge. An massive mutant extermination was carried out within Inju. And though he managed to keep his mutant identity a secret, the event left Jaebum feeling lost and confused. He resigned and left the city, decidedly to do some soul searching. After some time, drifting from place to place, parading as a wandering poet (i.e. writer), he heard whispers of an special place where all sorts of mutants gathered. Rain’s Institution for Gifted Mutants. His interest piqued, Jaebum decided to enrol to see what he might gain from such an Institution. 
ROOM: Room 14

▶︎IM JAEBUM or HEIKE has the power of
▶︎LIGHT MANIPULATION. he was born in 
▶︎INJU. he currently resides at 
▶︎RAIN’S INSTITUTE and can be found in 
▶︎ROOM 14.

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▶︎LEE MINHYUK has the power of a▶︎FAIRY DRAGON. he was born in ▶︎INJU. he currently resides at ▶︎RAIN’S INSTITUTE and can be found in ▶︎ROOM 14.

FULL NAME:Lee Minhyuk
PERSONALITY: Playful, kind, attentive, faithful, hardworking, enthusiastic, social, affectionate, charismatic, enchanting
MUTANT ABILITY: Minhyuk is as fairy dragon. A fairy dragon has nothing to do with a fairy or a dragon apart from the physical features. In his fairy dragon phase Minhyuk has a small body of a dragon that can rest on the shoulder of a person excluding his tale and instead of dragon wings he has fairy wings. Whether in his human phase or dragon fairy phase he can manipulate plant and any type of vegetable source. The weather helps him for he embodies the ongoing season physically by his hair getting lighter during the winter and his fairy dragon phase to grow fur.
WEAKNESS: Being so attune to nature Minhyuk tends to feel weaker when he is not around nature itself. For example if he was inside concrete walls without any source of plant life he would not have the ability to turn to his fairy dragon form. Elements of fire tend to make Minhyuk feel weak because it tends to destroy nature. Since he did not leave Inju until he was 17 Minhyuk’s health is not at its best, he still suffers from asthma and is prone to have an asthma attack if he does not use his inhaler properly.
ORIGINS: Minhyuk’s mother is from Sanya and his father is from Jungsoo, but when they got married they decided to go to Inju to find better jobs to provide for their growing family. After a couple of years Minhyuk was born to the already family of four and a year later a family of six. Out of all their children Minhyuk seemed to be the oddball within the group. Since his birth, he could not adapt to the weather or the lifestyle that Inju withheld. Suffering from asthma at a young age his parents could not help but worry for their youngest boy. Apart from his health problems Minhyuk was a happy child. The day he turned 12 his parents finally understood why their boy was suffering so much, in place of Minhyuk’s form a fairy dragon lay in his place. Having heard of a fairy dragon before Mrs. Lee took extra care in finding insects and greenery for him to eat, while his father searched for a new place to move. Nothing arose until a man came to his father’s work place and informed him that he knew of Minhyuk and his ability. A card was handed over with the words “Rain’s Institute for Gifted Youngsters”. After a short discussion between his parents they informed Minhyuk of what they had been told. Not agreeing to leave his family behind Minhyuk made a deal with his parents that once his sisters were old enough to understand then he would leave. Finally at the age of 17 Minhyuk sat his sisters down and explained to them that he had to leave. With a heavy heart he hugged his family goodbye with the promise to return soon.
ROOM: 14

▶︎LEE MINHYUK has the power of a
▶︎FAIRY DRAGON. he was born in
▶︎INJU. he currently resides at
▶︎RAIN’S INSTITUTE and can be found in
▶︎ROOM 14.

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Anonymous said: Are You Guys Accepting Applications?

Yes, we are currently accepting applications.

Anonymous said: Hello, just wondering, is the masterlist updated? Some people haven't been active for months while one or two links are dead?

Sorry to say but no, it isn’t at the moment. I just haven’t had the time to take care of it yet. I’ll update it asap c: 

Anonymous said: Ah, looks like my asks got eaten by tumblr again. :/ But I was wondering, are non-Korean faceclaims allowed here? (I'll send in another ask just incase this one gets eaten as well.)

we accept any asian-entertainment faceclaims. 

Anonymous said: Hello, hello. This is an old mun here. I just came by to say that I miss you all. From 2012 to 2014, you guys are still staying awesome for me, though I'm not in the rp anymore. I just know. Haha. Love ya'll. Stay awesome. Long live Kpopxmen. \o
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